Visual Inspection Machine

Visual Inspection Machine

In recent years, some companies use cameras for automatic sorting, but the reality is that we still must rely on the human eye due to the handling of various products and because of the problem caused by the shape of soft capsules.

Aiming Further Lightening of the Burden for the Inspectors

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The precision of the diameter of the roller and the deviation of it of this machine can be said to be the life of it. The inspector removes the scratched, contaminated and deformed capsules as well as foreign objects. Among these, deformed capsules move irregularly when rotated. If the roller itself is off center, all the capsules may seem to be out of shape. It also will change the focus distance, so the inspection too will be done out of focus. KAMATA MACHINE CO.,LTD conducts a rigorous inspection of our rollers, and it is well-favored by our customers. This machine also has a device which makes it possible to clean all the parts which come in to contact with the capsules without using any tools.

VS-1500 Basic model machine for 1 person.

Size W1860×D400×H1350㎜
Weight 200kg
Rated electricity 3phases 200V 50/60Hz □A
Transporting speed range 0.75~14 m/Min

VS-2000 Basic model machine for 2 people.

Size W2360×D400×H1350㎜
Weight 220kg
Rated electricity 3phases 200V 50/60Hz □A
Reference processing ability 0.75~14 m/Min


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