Drying Tumbler

Drying Tumbler

The conventional way of drying soft capsules was mainly shelf drying, spreading them out on a tray. We offered an automated drying process using this drying tumbler, first in the world. A number of these machines can be connected according to the quantity of production.

The Comfort from Continuous Operation

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The time for drying soft capsules takes up to 16 to 40 hours, an extremely long time. Therefore, the improvement on the drying efficiency was an important factor for this machine.
But, the machine quality basically comes from “the continuous operation of the equipment”.
For example, if there was an instantaneous power outage in the middle of the night and stopping the machines to operate, there is a danger of many drying capsules being rejected, because of deformation from its own weight.
Our tumbler has a function to automatically recover from a power outage. Also it is made possible to operate individual machines if the control board which controls several machines breaks down. We consider these feelings of comfort are also an important factor of product quality.

Initial Tumbler

TDM-P5It dries soft capsules immediately after encapsulated, at small quantity at a time.

Size W800×D810×H1300㎜
Weight 320kg
Rated electricity 3phases 200V 50/60Hz □A
Processing amount Oval5(250mg)60,000~70,000 capsules

Large Tumbler

TDM-SL5It dries the capsules after initial drying until it is strong enough for shipping.

Size W1130×D1000×H1410㎜
Weight 450kg
Rated electricity 3phases 200V 50/60Hz □A
Processing amount Oval5(250mg)160,000~180,000 capsules
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